Silicon Valley startup vet turned decentralization activist, Valeria Kholostenko has been lucky enough to be at the center of the blockchain ecosystem for its most formative years. 

In her recent advisory to CMO role at LUKSO, Valeria focused on developing A go-to-market strategy for LUKSO LABS an incubator for the fashion technology innovators. The purpose of LUKSO LABS was to bring builders and blockchain technology closer to legacy fashion houses and lifestyle brands. 

Prior to LUKSO, Valeria served as the Head of Development and Global Community at Blockchain for Social Impact at ConsenSys, where she spearheaded collaborations between startups, NGOs, institutions, and social impact investors to explore blockchain solutions, create cohorts between like minded organizations, and introduce vetted companies to capital. Valeria was also in charge of global programming for Social Impact ConsenSys events overseeing programming at more than 100 events, producing monthly gatherings in San Francisco, New York, Paris, London, and Washington DC, as well as two 500+ person conferences at microsoft New York in 2017 and the US Institute of Peace in Washington DC in 2018.

Before becoming a disciple of blockchain technology for social impact, Valeria spent 15 years as an early-stage startup executive developing processes for tech companies in publishing, online media, and SaaS helping founders unlock their target customers, refine sales process, and identify unique business value proposition.

Valeria has been responsible for partnership development at more than a dozen B2B companies in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London, including Looksery App (which sold to Snapchat for $300M), Morgan Stanley, Flywheel to name a few and is a proud alum of TechStars disney.

While studying at San Francisco State university, Valeria worked on Kamala Harris’s District Attorney Campaign, doing everything from phone banking to canvassing and helped at the World Affairs Council of San Francisco.

In 2009, Valeria’s fundraising garnered her The Leukemia Lymphoma Society nomination for Woman of the Year. 

She has also been a frequent writer on Social Media Today, dishing out tips for marketing strategy, customer experience, and user engagement. 

Ultimately, Valeria is passionate about developing a global presence for innovative startups while routinely crossing time zones helping organizations across all sectors understand how blockchain is signaling a way forward by lifting up the hood on our outdated systems. When forming strategic partnerships, her focus is on building engaged, thriving global communities while also ensuring sustainable organizational development. Whether forming partnerships or deploying blockchain projects, Valeria is constantly educating the public, fielding questions, and on the lookout for inspiring organizations that stand to benefit from blockchain technology solutions. 

Recharged on Blockchain