Valeria has been a pleasure to work with in all my interactions with her. we have collaborated on Social Impact offsites, conferences, running a hackathon through Topcoder, and more. She maintains great relationships with external parties and was key helping Meridio find a venue for our launch event. She has always been on time and a good contributor in meetings, and works well with others. Valeria is a great cultural fit for the mesh and is always open to feedback, transparency, and collaboration.

Connor O’Day, Strategic Initiatives, Meridio

I met Valeria at a Blockchain for Social Impact event prior to when I joined ConsenSys. Despite having known her for a short time, she has played an integral role in making me feel welcome within ConsenSys and connecting me with key people and resources in the blockchain community. Valeria has gone out of her way to aid me, thus I can attest to her great character. It has been great to work alongside her thus far and I hope I can continue to work with her!

Akhila Raju, Protocol Engineer, Pegasys

When I first came onboard the planning for the BSIC conference was going on. Valeria was one of the first people (Mesh­ wide) who embraced having social media and understood the value of it. Not only was she receptive to the idea of working with social, her posts on her own page were used to show how to create effective posts and the value of linking, @mentions and hashtags. Working with her on the BSIC conference was simple, easy and collaborative. She was more than welcoming to our ideas and was a huge help to the mesh members who attended the event. On a personal note, she has been wonderful to work with. When I have been traveling she has been great in recommending places for me to eat and stay. This may seem trivial but when starting at a new company, these actions help build a great culture within an org. I look forward to working with Valeria on future projects!

Jon Nelson, Director of Social Media, ConsenSys

Valeria advised the Blockchain for Social Impact working group and successfully identified innovative startups to join the community. Her efficiency and creativity helped extend the reach and importance of the group with ease and little friction. Valeria is a real pro and very helpful & friendly colleague.

Mounir Ibrahim, Vice President Strategic Initiatives, Truepic