ecosystem Development

Define and identify core community values and members. build alliances with global players from the ground up.

Past Work

Global Programming

placement of speakers on panels, keynotes, LIGHTNING talks.

Past Work

Launch New markets 

Opening of new cities, countries, hubs.  

Past Work

Launch Blockchain for Social Impact hubs: London, Paris, San Francisco, Kyiv, Washington DC, New Delhi, Denver. 

End to end conference production 

Sponsorship Development, Speakers, Programming, Venue, Catering, contract negotiation, Video, Audio, Marketing, Media relations.   

Past Work 

Blockchain for Social Impact Conference Washington D.C. U.S. Institute of Peace 2018

Strategic partnership development 

Engage and NEGOTIATE terms with likely partners to benefit from collaboration.

past work 

Identify organizations positioned for mutually beneficial outcomes to structure joint venture partnerships.